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Psychology Dept. Research Seminar Series 2021-22 - Diana Setiyawati - Shared screen with speaker view
Erminia Colucci
thanks for a great talk Diana and for sharing your experience with us. is there research specifically around Islamic Psychology and suicide prevention?
Chika Yamada
Thank you very much for the insightful presentation. Are there any methods in the Islamic way to treat addiction? Or, any combination or hybrid of Western methods?
Ashra Khanom
Thank you for the presentation. In close knit societies it is very difficult to be open about mental health and it can lead to people not seeking help or hiding away from society. What are your thoughts on this?
Erminia Colucci
Lindsay van Dijk
Many thanks Diana, very interesting. Working within chaplaincy in the hospital we often get confronted with organ donation requests. Our Muslim chaplains often help support with regards to liaising between hospital and family, but was wondering with regards to your views on this as I am aware that there are controversies with regards to this.
Syeda Bushra Ali
Thanks, Great presentation
Thank you very much for this presentation.